Abraham and Viridiana Engagement

It was cold. Sun was setting and he would slowly and gently press his head against hers while holding her tight in his arms. The light bounced through her hair causing her once dark hair shine gold.

Yes this engagement shoot was colder then most, but it was still beautiful never the less. We shot their photos in good old Portland (one of my favs).



Wedding Bliss

There comes a time when you really need to have fun. This might not be that "one" time but it certainly is fun. 

Bob and Gina Wedding 016.jpg
Ken and Keele Wedding 051.jpg

Chris + Heidi Engagement

Well Chris and Heidi tied the knot! The wedding was in good old Portland, at First Christian Church. Leading up to the wedding I was very worried that the weather would not hold up, preventing us from getting good pictures outside, well it was beautiful! Such a great blessing to be able to use the outside of the church and the park across the street for most of the group shots! A very fun wedding to say the least and a very funny couple. It has been a pleasure working with them all the way from the engagement, bachelor partyrehearsal, and now their wedding!

Still working on the photos but here is just a few snap shots I thought I would load up to keep you all posted. Stay tuned for an online album which will feature almost all the photos! You will even be able to print the photos out, and download the original files for your facebook should you choose!



Chris Heidi 2 copy-M.jpg
Chris Heidi Engagement_120511_5109-M.jpg
Chris Heidi 5-M.jpg
Chris Heidi 3 copy-M.jpg