Sam Evans - FACE STUDY

For Sam’s head shots I got to go on location! Everyone else braved my studio, but this time I traveled to his Piano Shop Modcott, doing some photo work of one of his recently finished Pianos and decided to get some head shots for the Face Study.  

He sat very quietly, relaxed, and collected. To get him to open up was very difficult. Most of my normal banter didn't seem to affect him for the better. Typically I get some sort of laughs, but not Sam, no I had to step up my game for this shoot. This is when I developed my idea of making a crazy face, I would say, “think of a face that uses the most muscles, and being mindful of lighting and positioning, I want you to make it in 3...2…1…Go!” Priceless. I found out latter that he would make that face for his kids, which explains why he seemed to open up so much after wards.

You will find you get the best results with people when you make them have an emotion or feeling. What better way to cause that then talking about their family, or asking them questions. They start to think about stuff; stories, movies, things that make them laugh, cry, etc. All of that rolled up into one shoot and you get lots of impactful images!

Crazy Face. Love it!

His wife jumped in for some of the shots.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR