Sisters - Alyssa and Tessa - FACE STUDY

Tessa was the most shy person I have every photographed. I love a good challenge. Her eyes, just like her sisters, are incredible; those alone take over the whole image! How do you get someone that is very shy to open up? Well having her sister Alyssa there was very helpful. Some of my senior photoshoots I encourage people to bring friends, it usually helps them to relax and open up more. I do have a rule however that no parents are allowed to come ;) this always seems to have the opposite effect. Sill love you parents though, I just have pictures to prove my theory.  

I actually had Alyssa go first so Tessa could get an idea of the process and how care free the whole thing was. I also played music during the shoots, usually stuff my clients want to hear, that also helps. The crazy thing about Tessa’s photos is that when you look at some of them, she has a look of confidence, and this is coming from the shyest person I have ever photographed. It also helped to have her repeat some stupid sentences I would say. Or have her blink 5 times then look up at the ceiling then look down at me. Sounds crazy (because it probably is) but it gets their mind off the camera, and they are thinking more about their face. Boom! The shots are great!

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR