The Essentials for an Engagement Shoot

Location: When choosing a location, we always recommend couples go to places that really symbolize their relationship and personalities. Do you love going to the beach? Maybe you're all about the great outdoors? Maybe just picking a coffee shop downtown and reading some books is more you. Whatever it is, we want to showcase it!


Time: We primarily use natural light during photo shoots, so it’s very important we all show up on time. If we don’t, that can cut into our prime shooting time and best possible lighting conditions.  

What to expect: Be you and have fun! Don’t ever worry too much about “posing” or being in the right place. We love educating people on lighting theory and why certain angles are better than others, so leave it to us to let you know where is the best place for you. Also expect to maybe learn something new, like a tip or trick that you can use on all your future photo shoots. 

Clothing: Wear what makes you feel hot! Maybe go out and buy something special, and guys: please don’t wear white socks with jeans. :) Most people like to have one casual outfit and one formal. Due to the time limit we have (with sunset shoots), it’s best to only do one wardrobe change. Also, keeping in mind a place that you would be able to change is also helpful. 


Props: We always encourage couples to bring things that might symbolize their relationship together or things they share a common interest in. Some examples of that might be:



-Reading (books)


-Outdoor activities

-Drinking coffee or wine

Hair/Makeup: It’s always a great idea to get your hair and makeup professionally done for two main reasons: 1) It’s a great way to try out a company that you are considering using for your wedding, and 2) It will make you feel extra special for your engagement photos! If you would like any suggestions, I have a stylist that does great work.

We are really looking forward to hanging out for your engagement session, and we hope this helps with any questions you might have! If you have others, just give us a call.

Peter and Susannah