Nate and Hannah Wolff - FACE STUDY

  The Wolff’s. Their personalities were as darling as their faces. First up was Nate, I guess he was more bold to face the lens then Hannah, his wife. The first problem I encountered with him was his hair of all things. For the most part it looked great except one little portion on his left side that was bugging the crap out of me! It just stuck out and flaunted me. We all tried to tame it but we couldn’t get the darn hair to stay down. “DOWN!” We all seemed to shout. It was dramatic, it was intense, and it was his hair.

Interestingly enough, the most difficult part about taking pictures of these two was instilling some sort of confidence. Like most people I photograph they are much more photogenic and beautiful then they think. “Oh I hate my smile. I look so bad. I feel so weird.” These are just a few things they typically say before the shoot. What can I do to make them have more confidence and open up, I thought. I started to show them some of the shots we were getting and explaining in detail the purpose of their poses and lighting. This quickly helped them to gain confidence. But there was still some reservation and that’s when I decided…let’s roar. I said “Alright on three I want you to roar as loud as you can!” They both just laughed embarrassingly at first…thinking I was joking…then Nate retorted “Oh your serious…?”

To demonstrate roaring would not inflict pain on them I started to roar behind the camera as loud as I could. “Come on Roar!! R...O…A…R!!” It was hysterical, and as soon as they let out that roar they had this aura of confidence come over them, the difference was amazing to watch!

The Roar!