We're Peter & Susannah.

We're married & we shoot weddings together. Real moments and happy people are what we're all about. Working together is the bomb.

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We start nudging each other and falling in love when we start hearing things like "we're less about the perfect day and more about the real moments" and "we're not into super posed, impersonal photos". We love it when couples make their day about who they are, and less about what's "normal", expected, or trendy. If you wanna cut the cake, we vote smash itIf you want to leave on a slip & slide, do it. This is your wedding, and it shouldn't look like anyone else's. 


OUR game plan

We take weddings very seriously. Which means we do everything we can to make sure our couples have the most stress-free, fun-filled day as possible. That allows us to get the more candid and honest moments of your day. We work with you in advance to make sure we have everything planned out, so come wedding day, you don't have to worry about a thing. We wanna tell your whole story, give you all the best photos, and not have you wait months to see the pictures.  


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Susannah and I both were nerds (still are) about photography and both unknowingly stalked each other's blogs some 8 years ago. When I decided to move back to my hometown of Oregon City from Florida, I decided to pursue photography full time. That was 2011 and I only had one wedding lined up. In 2012 I asked Susannah if she would second shoot a wedding with me, strictly professional, and she said yes. Somehow during the reception, there was a whole 1.5-hour break where we had our own private table and the waiter brought garlic bread, Cesar salad, and spaghetti. Not the best 1st date food but lucky for us, this was not a date? It was just two professionals talking shop, what you thought about God, kids, and you know other basic professional things. We talked a ton and I ended up really liking her, so I asked her if she would ever be down to shoot another wedding and she said yes! Well, in May of 2013 I asked her to marry me (at the beach which is her soul and has slowly become mine) and just 3.5 months later, we GOT MARRIED!

We threw a big party with great tasting comfort food, lots of drinks, an ice-cream truck, and all of our friends. It was magic. Our first home together was a duplex in Oregon City. It was 500 square feet of cozy vibes, that was on the top floor of a historic house close to downtown. It was our little tree house and we miss it terribly. We love to entertain and we would often squish 10-14 people in the tiniest space and have the best times. 

Portland Wedding Photographers get married

We then had our first son Samson and after about 9 months we felt like it was time to move. We moved to Gladstone to an old 1920’s bungalow house that had gross carpet, the ceiling was cracking, the kitchen painted poop color(?), and all the wallpaper (yes wallpaper) was falling down. In just one month, our friends and us ripped out the carpet, sheet-rocked the walls, some new electrical, painted EVERYTHING, and resurfaced the crazy beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet. We love it and it’s ours. Since we moved we have had another boy named Obadiah (we call him Obie). We also got a bearded dragon (so I could be the father of Dragons), and call him Malichi.







Running a business out of our home together has been one our greatest joys. Talk about team building exercises in real time. We both get to be very active in our boy's lives and we both get to nerd out about photography and work on the business. Susannah has since started another business where she focuses on birth photography and families over at www.susannahmahar.com.

We truly love what we do and consider ourselves incredibly blessed. We take our marriage and family very seriously and think getting married is a big deal. We also think marriage should be a huge celebration with friends and family with a lot of great food, drinks, and maybe a slip and slide? If you like our work and don’t think we sound too crazy to work with then we would love to buy you a drink or have you over to our home and get to know your story!

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