Nate and Hannah

Nate Wolff and Hannah Stevenson were married July 9th, 2005. Some three kids, and seven years latter and they still look stunning. I took the cute couple out and did a stylized shoot. Very low key but fun. We were able to get Sarah Prentice to do her hair, Grace Hayes did the flowers, and Hannah Wolff provided her original wedding dress she wore some seven years ago (incredible I know). If you don't know this couple yet you might want to grab a cup of coffee with them. They are warm, hospitable, opinionated, and very well rounded individuals!


It was not only a pleasure taking their photos but it was a blast to be able to have this project, thing, or whatever you want to call it, work out. Everyone did a great job and I hope you all enjoy the results!


Cheers, and have a happy Monday!


Peter M.

Hair: Sarah Prentice

Flowers: Grace Hayes and Terri Strandberg

Makeup: Esther Prentice




Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR