Gina and Bob - Married!

First things first, I was not only privileged to do this couples wedding but it was such a great honor because I have known Gina and her family for my entire life! They are all such great people and when I met with Gina and Bob over for dinner a few months back to talk about life and their wedding I knew she found someone special! With perfect weather, a cute church, and amazing people how could anyone not be in a great mood for this wedding.  

Have an amazing day to you all! I hope you enjoy the pics!



Peter M.

I had to get a picture of this because I felt it told part of the story. The girls got ready in the lower part of the church where they do kids Sunday school, and this is some of their work!

Because girls love shoes!

I liked this ring shot because it showed off some of the animals in the library where the guys were getting ready at ;)


The wolf pack

I love Bob's dads face on the left!

Gina has the best smile! You can't help but feel happy from her radiant smile.

One of the creative things Bob and Gina had at their wedding, was having note cards that people could write a message for the bride and groom and put them in the box (see below pictures).

Then you put them in this box!


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR