35mm Camera

In the last few weeks I have been thinking about creativity and how it relates to how we function on a daily basis. I have been thinking about my Christian walk and how I relate that to others, or even how I conduct myself. Pondering why I have been making so much pizza. I have also been wondering how to branch out and make the business sides of things in photography take off.  

While there is a lot to talk about I want to focus my topic again to creativity. The only photography class I have ever taken was in College and it was a black and white dark room development class. It was a great experience and incredibly fun. I most likely spent the most hours in the dark room trying to perfect just one print. I remember talking 3 hours to get just one good print! I quickly got the hang of it and started pushing out more work.


Well recently I decided to pick up my old 35mm camera that I bought for $50 and start shooting again.  I mostly took random snippets of life, but with it expressing a new voice and genre. While the photos captured are not in my normal “professional” attire I would like to think that I am moving closer to my vision of capturing peoples true joy and causing an emotion for the viewer!


Every blog post is better with photos so here are some of the film shots I took a few weeks back! Enjoy everybody!



Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR