Bryce & Georgia | Crazy Columbia Gorge Wedding

So I'm Susannah, and I'm marrying the heck out of Peter in just 26 days. Amidst planning our own wedding, we get to photograph other peoples' weddings together, which is the best-ever, because I love working with my super hot fiance (who is also the best photographer I know), plus we get to make these amazing new friends.

Bryce and Georgia are two of the craziest, most fearless, adventure-loving people ever. And they got married to each other. With two people this crazy, there was no way their wedding was going to be ordinary.


And, it definitely wasn't. Getting dressed in the woods, dancing up the aisle, the slow-motion Chariots of Fire recessional, the "corncob" ritual, both going headfirst down a slip-and-slide, and driving away on a hay bale in the back of a pickup--it was a just crazy-fun wedding.

They love God and each other, and a whole slew of people who love them right back. They live life abundantly, and it was such a beautiful thing to see them start their new (even more) abundant life together.