Katrina & Joe | Edgefield Wedding

The weather was about as sporadic as most wedding schedules end up being. Right when you think it's going to rain, it's bright sun. However, for this adorable wedding at McMenamins Edgefield, while the weather was crazy-weird, the wedding day and series of events carried on effortlessly. 


People often ask me, "What do you like about weddings? Cake cutting, bouquet toss, dancing?" For me, a lot of those repeating things often get boring. But when a bride and groom feel safe enough to let me into their world of family and friends, I get to be a part of something really special. While really anyone can take pictures, it's quite another thing to be part of someone's day and capture a little bit of their joy. 

For Joe and Katrina, I don't think I saw them once without a big grin on their face, except for the times of overwhelming joy that caused tears of happiness. Another amazing thing to witness was seeing the two families coming together and meshing like two peas in a pod. With most of them meeting for the first time, any onlooker could never tell, because it was one big happy partying family. I have also never met a Grandma with so much life and excitement. She put many of the younger people to shame, she danced with so much heart and happiness. 

This is their story, and it's a happy one.  

Any smooth run wedding always has great people working behind the scenes. Great job and thanks for being awesome:

Coordinators: Tara and Miranda with Champagne Wedding Coordination 

DJ: Marc Brooks with Event Team Entertainment 

Flowers and Cake: Lambs