Christine & David | Washington Wedding

One of the more fun, relaxing weddings I have gone to in awhile. Christine had a wonderful timeline with lots of extra room, even some time for relaxation yoga with the girls. Everyone seemed to be smiling…all the time! It was bliss from a wedding photographer's point of view.

I had the great pleasure of knowing these two when they were in high school (oh yeah, forgot to mention…they are high school sweet hearts). Over the course of 6 years their love has only grown stronger and stronger. Being a witness to all the friends' and families' love and support they showed the happy couple was a huge blessing.

A special thanks to:

Dimas Karpenko – Second Shooter

Lucy Akers – Flowers 

Tami Stephens - Kick Butt Wedding Coordinator/Decorator 

Family – Being awesome

Christine and David – You rock!

Peter M.