Being A Kid

Today is amazing, for no other reason than the glorious wind! It’s spectacular because it’s powerful and all-consuming when you're in it. I feel like a kid when I’m in the wind. It brings back memories from when I lived up in the Gorge. I remember some days when the wind would be 50-80mph, and, having no kites, I took black garbage bags, tide strings to them, and set them loose to the wind. The force of trying to hold the bags almost took me down to my face! It was epic. Gah!

This might be one reason why I love going to the beach all the time. You can almost count on wind there. Salty sea, golden sand, and if you are in Oregon, slight chance of rain. ;)


Swings are almost as wonderful because you are able to move through the air, forcing wind to your face. I think the fact you can almost feel hopeless in the strong wind makes you feel like a kid again. I am reminded by how amazing our Savior is and the power He controls. Glimpses of that power is shown in the ocean, wind, rain, storms, and even the sun. Creation itself shows the splendor of His name.

Building forts out of blankets is another great childhood memory. Until recently, having a few nieces and nephews, I have had no reason to build them. But then I thought, even if I didn’t have nieces or nephews I can still technically build forts. ;)

Children have an amazing ability to have great wonder about the world around us. They are able to have fun with some of the simplest things because they are still fascinated by them. I urge us to be fascinated once again. Stop thinking so hard, stop being so serious all the time, and stop trying to be so perfect! Have a little child-like faith, fly a kite, wonder in the wind, ask questions, and be flabbergasted (I like this word)! After all, our God is amazing, and I thank kids for reminding me!

Happy awkwardly placed Wednesday of the week!


Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR