Kelsey and David

These shoots are usually the most rewarding because the couples have little to no faith in their ability to "pose" for a good picture. But seeing is believing and you and I can see they are adorable! One of the best tricks I do to help my peoples feel more relaxed and in their environment, is to get them to interact with each other. This makes the pictures way more natural and makes the camera way less intimidating. They rocked it and needed little to no help from me.  

It was also very exciting because while we were taking pictures we saw an actor from Grim! It was funny because we were doing an "action" series in which I tell the couple to do a certain action and have to yell the literal words "action" right when I'm ready. Ironically right when I yelled "action," the actor from Grim walked into frame and looked very confused and almost ambushed because here is a photographer crouching down on the ground taking lots of pictures and yelling action. I brought my camera down and was silent (because I don't know what to do when a famous person is near me), we looked at each other as he kept on walking. I could have talked to him but I was working and I didn't want to get all "unprofessional".


I love the show mostly because it's based out of PORTLAND! I miss her already. I think I am going to go watch an episode right now! Latter


Happy Friday!




Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR