An Exception

Strictly speaking I don't normally post family shoots because I am moving more and more to weddings. However in the case of my old time friends the Akers, I just had to make an exception. I think the photos below will show you why. I am a sucker for raw images that just exude emotion and make you feel happy, sad, etc. In this case I feel jovial when looking at their darling faces!

I start most shoots with just talking to my people and giving them the run down. Explaining some basic standing tips, angles, and lighting stuff. Then I go into why I position them the way I do, even as far as some technical photography stuff (back lighting, exposure, and highlights). Yes, I am extreme ;) However, it really helps everyone during the shoot because they learn something and know how to stand because they know what I am looking for. Most professional Models are much easier to photograph because they have been taught, well most the people I photograph they don't even know some of the basics. That's why I chime in and speak openly!

This is what I call "fake laughing". It does two thing: 1) helps everybody get more comfortable 2) often gets everyone happy and excited, which is what you want! With most shoots there is always that one person that doesn't really want to be there, they can take every body's excitement out. I believe it's the photographers job to keep everyone happy and having a good time. Even if I have to say, "Everybody look up at the sky and on three look at Peter Pie."

This is Patrick, one of good guys out there in the world. Great heart and never this serious. He always seems like he's in a good mood, just don't play a game of monopoly with him and expect to get through the whole game...he keeps the active life and is never board of it.

That's the Patrick I know (laughing at one of my dumb jokes).

That's Lucy and her recently acquired husband as of August this year! They are just darling together...can't you tell?

This is Sadie, bright, bold,  and ranked in the best category in her family (the youngest).

The parents, kinda need them.

All fun and games.

This is how I will remember most the shoot. Fanatically charged and rigged to be a success.


Have an amazing Saturday! Hope this made your gut fill with joy,

Peter M.