Are Photo Shoots with Peter Boring?

Two words, two phrases: Happy family. Fantastic Shoot! Talk about a fun and energized experience when it comes to family photos. You can lay to rest the idea that photos with Peter Mahar is boring, I think this is documented proof that it's a load of fun, not to mention easy as cake. It's quite the harmless experience, unless of course you are taking the photos in the everglades with mosquito infested, aunt hill savvy, alligator territory of a location...yes besides those few things it was a great location. The great thing about photos is you don't really remember the bad parts of the moment. When I was editing the photos I actually saw a huge mosquito on Mr. Lawsons face!!!!!!! *Good use of exclamation points! -

Anyway, this is the product of two amazing parents showing love to their kids that just shines through the photos. No. BLASTS THROUGH the photos. Happiness radiates from these shots. I want to frame them on my wall!


So love one another and have a great Sunday, I am going to the beach after church! Hope you have a good one too.


From Lawson Family


Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR