More Than Pressing The Shutter

I was a little hesitant on making this post to be honest because of how drastically I photoshoped the image. Normally speaking I do simple color correction and add a little contrast to most of my photos. However I wanted to show you a little bit behind the "developing curtain" as it were. Recently I have been shooting in RAW which opens a lot more creative doors, as well as saves a lot of time in post production. For most professional photographers, at least the good ones, more of the "photographing" time is comprised of about %10-%15 of thier time. Sad I know, but the truth. The rest of the time is learning the craft, staying up to date with what the market it doing, calling and meeting clients, and post work.


We hear it all the time, "How hard can it be, you just click the shutter. Of course if you have nice cameras they take good pictures." Nice cameras REALLY do help however you still have to know how to use them and make them do what you want. If you don't know how to use it they can turn out bad. I have been taking pictures for awhile and still some of my "negatives" turn out bad, kinda like the one above. So not only do we need to know what all the buttons and gadgets do on the camera, but we also need to be trained in some form or another in Photoshop, Light room, Apature, and Bridge. Like back in the day we need to be good in the "Dark Room". The final stage. It would be easy to take the pictures and hand our clients the roll of film. But there is more to photography then "taking pictures".


A lot of advertising photographers have one to two dedicated "editors" that make their photographs beautiful. So don't be fooled into thinking beautiful images come right out of the camera. They have to have an eye, for not only the picture they just took, but what are their limitations in post work. I would never say photoshop is "cheating". I would say it has opened the flood gates to creativity. What would you say about post work editing?



Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR