"Cuz You Had A Bad Day"

I had no intention what so ever to come home and write a blog post tonight. In fact, every grain of dust in my body wanted nothing more then to come home, brush my teeth, take a shower, and go to bed! Why wouldn’t I after having such a crappy day? But then God showed me once again his sense of humor and I had to share.  

It all started 6000 years ago when God created Adam and eve. Ok too far back…THIS MORNNING was unusually unsettling. I woke up by my alarm but for the first time jolted because of the sound and hit my head again the headboard. I was 100% awake. Yay me. Not to mention the air felt thicker today, which was due to the fact it was scheduled to rain at 3:00pm. Naturally my skin started to feel all clammy. You know the feeling of a young, shy, highschoolers handshake that feels like their palms have been under their armpits? Well I felt like those hands, except all over my body, and it’s just gross.

Then my afternoon dragged on for what felt like hours on end, and I couldn’t seem to be getting anything done. I had the closing shift at work today so I wasn’t scheduled to go in until 6:00pm which is the worst feeling in the world because you start to get a impending doom feeling all day until you drive to work. It’s not that it’s that bad, it’s just the fact your brain has all day to build up resentment for it. 

I arrive to work. Do my job and it just doesn’t go well. I will spare you the boring details but it just wasn’t a good day at work. We all have them, and only the people that work there know really how to explain why it was so bad. 

I am kind of laughing right now writing this blog because it doesn’t even seem like I had a bad day. After looking over what happened, the events that occurred were nothing too horrific and I have had much worse. I guess I was just in a grumpy mood today. I can blame the weather, I can blame work, I can blame the food, I can blame blame. blame. Blah! I think I felt sorry for myself today and that added to my moody funkiness (yes it’s an expression). 

But that’s not even the best part of my day. I haven’t told you about Gods sense of humor. Anyway, when I get home I am still very worked up about work and still feeling the crappyness of it drag on. I jump online to check my mail. Respond to a few emails. Write a few smirky comments on facebook, one of which was on Jesse’s wall post on Pot, and then went to go brush. Right when you think your day can’t get any worse it does. I am flossing my teeth for crying out load, and when I arrive to the molar section I push the floss upwards and then move it down to take it out. But then. Out of nowhere. The floss broke! In the middle of my molar! So now, there is no plaque in-between one of my molars, now there’s floss. I can feel the pressure building up between both teeth. So I get a new “section” of floss and try to floss out the floss (try saying that 10 times). But that breaks too! I. am. PISSED! My gum is literally pouring out blood at this point and I am just standing looking at my pathetic hat hair of a head. Unshaven. Unshowered. And gross self. I then proceed to try yet again to remove the double floss with more floss. AND THEN THAT ONE BREAKS TOO!

I literally looked back at myself in the mirror, then slightly look up at the ceiling (as if I was looking up at God) really? And then just started to chuckle. I was in pain, and my mouth was still bleeding, and I had three pieces of floss stuck in-between my molars. Yet all I could do was laugh. And LOL I did.

They say the definition of an insane person is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Well after attempting to remove the floss 3 times I started to feel a little crazy. However my little calming laughing episode, and seeing God’s sense of humor I somewhat gained some perspective. If I was going to get this floss out I had to try something else. So I actually grabbed a different kind of floss all together. And before you ask how I have two different types, I will tell you. I went to Wallgreens the other day to get some floss. Well I got the pack of floss I always get, and then I wanted to branch out a little bit and try a new floss. Well much to my surprise the new floss is what was stuck in-between my teeth and it was my good old floss that I have learned to rely on to come and rescue my now blood soaked gum.

 I bid you a good night. But just remember that God is God and you are you. Nothing is too small or too great for Him. While you think you might be having a bad day, just remember it’s not about you; it’s about you giving Him the glory, no matter what! If it took getting a bloody gum to remember it, so be it.

P.S I am usually known to be a bad speller. And after writing this at 2 in the morning I have a feeling I missed a few words. Forgive me.

Cheers, And Happy Friday.

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