Let's Remember to KISS More Often

A wise man once told me, “the key to a great root beer float, is fantastic vanilla ice-cream, and the best root beer you can find.” While this might seem…too simple, it has some interesting truth to it. You don’t need lots of complicated ingredients to make it good, just a few great ones. This got me to thinking of other similar things, like Italian food! Great bread and great meats and BANG! You have yourself some great food. Don’t over complicate things; keep it simple yet defined and great.  

I would have to say the same applies to photography. You don’t need a ton of different things going on in an image; just have a few great ones. This is one reason why people are starting to fall back in love with black and white images. They are two color tones, simple, yet distinguished. They take out a lot of the distracting “flavors” of the image and bring you back to the bread and meat. When photographing people, keep the backdrops simple, focus on the people and you will be amazed by the results.


For the car salesman he has an acronym when trying to sell a car, KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. If you keep that in mind when taking pictures, you will find they start to improve almost instantly.


P.S I had the best root beer float last night. I definitely recommend it, especially since we are moving towards the summer!


Cheers, and don’t forget to KISS Peter M. hiking with joe 068_1 Here we have a few textures, and of course black and white. You have a subject and landscape both were amazing! lots of pics 476 The two girls were great to focus in on, yes there is a lot of colors, but only a few themes in the image. Vibrant colors, close subjects, and simple background (grass). Senior photos 710 Interesting perspective for sure. One main color for the background really helps to focus in on our subject.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR