Being Creative

The other day I was talking to some people about using what you have. In the sense that being creative is when you use what you are already given and pushing it to it's limit, going to it's breaking point. That way, once you do upgrade and get the next best thing you can push that to it's breaking point and be even better.  

How are you pushing yourself on a daily basis? Never say, when I get a new camera I can start taking pictures. Chances are you already have a camera and it's always with you...your phone! Your phone takes great pictures, and the same rules to composition, lighting, and subject matter all apply. Find your phones limit and push it!


If you want to see more examples, my good friend Joe Castiglione started taking phone pictures and they are spot on. He has little background in photography and yet his composition is fantastic. That alone gives his simple phone pictures a great pull. You can check some of them out on his instagram at @joejets86


When you get some sweet shots I want to see them! Just post them to twitter or instagram and @petermahar me.


Get out and shoot!



Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR