Robert and Alexis | Wahclella Falls Elopement

Having so many different writing platforms nowadays (instagram, facebook, blogs, twitter, snapchat, etc.), it's hard to keep all of them up to date with all the same info. Many other photographers do this much better than me--I find it all very overwhelming and daunting. Susannah and I really stay focused mostly on our blog and Instagram and try and enjoy the rest of what life has to offer. :) So if you ever want to stay more up-to-date with us, follow Susannah and me and Peter Mahar Photography. 

Well, as of September 6th, our baby boy Samson was born, and he has been our favorite ever since. In the middle of all that, I came down with bronchitis the day after we shot our last wedding before our baby break. Then I kindly gave that bronchitis to Susannah who then had to birth a baby in the process. (#strongmama) Then just last week, when we were finally feeling better, I woke up with a pain in my side only to find out I had an appendicitis. (insert sad face). My first thought after this news was, "how am I gonna shoot my weddings this weekend?!" After being released from the  hospital on Tuesday, somehow God gave me strength to hike into Wahclella Falls and do a small elopement wedding (on Thursday). Thanks to pain meds and help from Justin Katigbak (bag-holding savior and second shooter). I couldn't miss this adorable couple and the chance at a nice day in the Gorge, even if that meant holding my belly at times so I didn't bust open a stitch. 

These two were a joy to work with. Susannah and I pinch our selves daily after working with some of the coolest people--we can't believe we have a job we enjoy so much. It's not every job I would risk going back to work a few days after an appendectomy. I would call in sick. :)  

The long walk in with all the gear, dress, and provisions. Nothing like getting ready outside! 

Her dress was fantastic! She called me and asked if I thought a big long dress would look good in pictures. All I said was "as long as you're okay with walking around in it, I could not be more game!" The skirt was so lightweight and airy,  that the wind did some really cool things! I think I told her to "pretend to be batman" for these photos.