Spencer & April | Oregon Coast Wedding


I love small and intimate weddings. Spencer and April rented some beach houses right on the beach, invited their closest friends and family, and set up a tent on the beach to get married. The parties you can have when it's smaller and more intimate like that are fantastic. Open bar, great food, amazing setting, and fun people.

When Spencer and April contacted me about doing their wedding at the beach in Manzanita in September, I instantly envisioned high winds, and cloudy. I never even thought it would be possible to have as nice of day that we had on Saturday! The only setback we had all day was the event truck, that set up the tent, got stuck out on the beach. Even that just became part of the fun party. After dinner many of the guests came out of the tent to watch the two tow trucks try and get the truck to safety. 

Huge thanks to my friend Josiah for helping my post-appendicitis self with bag-carrying and second-shooting!