Ben and Brooklyn | Engagement Session

Couples we photograph often tell us they are not good at getting their picture taken or are really awkward in front of the camera. I don't know if we attract these couples, or if the majority of people just feel that way. However, if we are able to get the couple to forget they are getting their picture taken and just focus on each other, magic always seems to happen. Ben and Brooklyn were no different, so I just had to focus on getting their attention more on each other. Naturally their energy was incredible! They took all my silly directions, no questions asked and just jumped right in. The below photo was one of the first pictures I took of these guys and I instantly knew it was going to be a fun shoot. 

When I was "finished," I asked Ben and Brooklyn if they felt I missed anything they might have wanted. They looked at each other and seemed pleased, until Brooklyn piped up. "Could we take some pictures in the water?" I couldn't have been more excited! What started out with just getting our ankles wet, quickly turned into full body submersion! The above picture was taken just seconds before Ben and Brooklyn went straight into the water! 

Can't wait for their wedding--it's gonna be nothing short of exciting!