JerWei & Melissa | Elysian Ballroom

This amazing couple finished off our summer season! We ended early this year, since the next few weeks are blocked off for baby Mahar's arrival (could be any day now!). I (Susannah) thought this might be the one wedding this year I really might not make it to, since it was one week out from my due date, but I felt great, and help from Jesse (also ready to replace me if I um, went into labor!) made it an amazing day, getting to enjoy working our last pre-baby wedding.

Melissa & JerWei's wedding had a lot of feelings for sure. These two have been together for eleven years, and all of that culminating in their wedding day, surrounded by friends and family that clearly love the heck out of them, was a really amazing thing. His reaction at the first look and as she came up the aisle were enough to make anyone lose it a little bit (not to mention, a 39-week-pregnant woman).

We had a great time taking photos in downtown Portland, and their ceremony and reception were held in the beautiful Elysian Ballroom.