Ryan & Christine | Purcellville, Virginia Wedding

RC 104.jpg

Christine is a fellow photographer who found us years ago through Susannah's blog. She and Ryan met at college, and have been shooting weddings, doing mock trial, going on adventures, eating ice cream, and being adorable together ever since. We were totally honored that they brought us all the way out to Virginia to photograph their wedding! 

It's always amazing getting to shoot in totally different locations--in this case, we traded the rainy weather at home for the humid sunshine of Virginia. Ryan & Christine's ceremony was held at the Blooming Hill Lavender Farm--such a beautiful and relaxed venue!

Big fans of their ice cream bar & impressive dancing at their reception! 

We had a totally new-to-us schedule for this wedding--since Ryan and Christine waited to see each other until their ceremony, we did all of their couples' and bridal party photos after the short reception. The light was extra-beautiful by then, and we didn't have to rush things to get to the party. Plus, we got to have fun with their send-off bubbles! :)

We loved how they couldn't keep their hands off each other! :) They have chemistry for daysand they were both just exploding with happiness to finally be MARRIED.

Quick lesson on their original 1960's Polaroid camera, which Ryan had given Christine for her birthday (good man!). The film is so expensive that one photo is about $3, so you don't want to mess it up! They were so kind as to even take a Polaroid picture of our sweaty/sunburnt/pregnant selves, which we will keep forever.

The groomsmen managed to secretly decorate their car with plenty of shaving cream and silly string! ...Which we then drove with them in to get some very needed hamburgers! Ryan and Christine have a date tradition where they dress up fancy, but instead of going somewhere expensive and formal, they head to a casual, fast-food place, and enjoy peoples' confusion. We loved that they wanted to incorporate that into their wedding day--plus, we were all hungry and ready for burgers anyway! They randomly ran into several people they knew, all of the employees got a kick out of it, and we had a great time hanging out with them. Ryan even selflessly contributed his bacon to Christine's bacon-less burger, which is a bigger sign even than marrying someone that you really love them. ;)

Congratulations again, Ryan & Christine! God is going to do amazing things through you both, and we were so honored to get to witness this part of your story. 

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR