Gene & Jessica | McMenamins Kennedy School Rainbow Wedding

This wedding! Gene & Jessica are our heroes: they totally made their day their own, and incorporated piles of personality into every detail. We've been looking forward to the "rainbow dinosaur wedding" for over a year, and it even better than we imagined! 

One of these crazy summer April days + the fantastic McMenamins Kennedy School made for a beautiful day, and we had a blast all day long with the whole crowd and all the rainbow colors you could hope for.

Gene and Jessica have such a unique, sweet, and not-afraid-to-be-non-traditional/delight-in-things-like-little-kids kind of relationship. And they didn't leave any of that behind for their day, which is what we love most about weddings! From the dinosaur boutonnieres, belt buckles, coloring pages, cake topper, and egg ring box, to the rainbow sunglasses, parachute, socks, and , it was totally unique and totally them. We feel so tickled and blessed to have been able to be a part of it all!