Michael & Melissa | Mt. Angel Wedding

The first of our real 2016 wedding season! The crazy summer-in-April weather calmed down just in time for a beautifully cool wedding day for Michael & Melissa.

These guys might win for Rowdiest Wedding Party award, which made pictures pretty hilarious, as well as Cutest Kids Award. Especially as we're very excitedly waiting for our very own baby boy's arrival (!), we always are so drawn to the crazy, unplanned moments kids bring to a wedding day. (See below: our friends' son's impressive "dinosaur face".) Being a Mahar team of three (one is less of a contributor and more of a make-Susannah-pant-a-lot type of helper) is bringing a whole new dynamic to our weddings this summer! 

We had a blast starting out our wedding season with such an awesome, energetic group of people! Lots of Pendleton whiskey, lots of adorable kids, and a super fun and gracious bride & groom.

We also gotta give a shoutout to the fantastic party-making skills of Nate at NR Entertainment. One of the best and classiest and  DJ's we've ever worked with! 

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR
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