Wahclella Falls Elopement | Anthony and Jennifer

Sheesh. What an incredible day. Anthony and Jennifer (from Nevada!) chose a destination elopement at Wahcella Falls in our beautiful Pacific Northwest. We've been dying to get to shoot an elopement, and this was the perfect one. 

We started out at the Hotel Modera in downtown Portland, and then drove up the Columbia Gorge to the stunning Wahclella Falls for the ceremony. It's a decently easy 1-mile hike into the falls, which were about twice as full as they've been when we've visited in the summer! This spot is still much less well-known than some of the others, and we've never seen a full parking lot or many people on the hike. Perfect for a tiny, private elopement! 

Anthony & Jennifer were just our kind of couple in so many ways. The important part of their wedding day was getting married to each other in a beautiful place. They chose to focus on that instead of the stress of a huge, planned event. It was a completely relaxed, timeline-free, moodily-rainy day. The rain went from pouring to dripping and back. (And specifically gave it's biggest downpour as soon as the ceremony started). We loved that they did a coming-down-the-"aisle"-first-look, against the odds. Anthony and Jennifer toughed it out beautifully, goosebumps and all. The umbrellas (and plastic camera sheaths) came in handier than they ever have, and we loved every minute of it!