Nathaniel & Emma | Vancouver, BC

A few weeks ago, we nabbed some free summer days and roadtripped up to Canada to see our friend Nathaniel and his brand-new fiance. They both go to school near Nashville, so they're rarely nearby enough for us to hang out, and it was the first time getting to meet Emma.

Spent some totally fancy days with them--including driving in a convertible to Vancouver. Did some "unofficial" Granville Island engagement photos...although when Peter gets the camera in his hand, awesome people in front of him, and a boat, he can't stop.


Nathaniel was our fearless captain, and these two looked like a million bucks on our rented boat.

Two of Nathaniel's sisters came along, and offered their congenial mockery and amusement to the photo shoot. Nathaniel and Emma managed to continue to look like movie stars, despite the heckling.