David & Lindsay | Cooper Spur Mountain Resort Wedding

We just adored David & Lindsay from the first time we met them--how excited they were to get married, how their wedding day was all about being a good party, and not getting hung up on the stress of it all. Since then, we shot their crazy, windy engagement session (that even got published!), and have gotten to know them even more. They are one of the kindest, most taken with each other couples we've ever met, and their wedding was just a perfect illustration of that. 

Lindsay's laid-back approach to the planning (farmer's market bouquets, etc) and the help of friends and family resulted in a simply stunning wedding. And both of their families had a blast together--not always the case at a wedding, and always such a delight. Cooper Spur Mountain Resort was a beautiful venue for the day--breathtaking view of Mt. Hood, and beautiful cabins where guests stayed overnight. The whole day was such a blessing to every guest that attended, and the way that Lindsay took care of, encouraged, and was brought to tears by (repeatedly) the people surrounding her was a beautiful thing to see. 

David and Lindsay were just so thrilled to be getting married to each other. And we were lucky enough to get to try to capture that.