Andrew & Vanessa | Bend, Oregon Wedding

Sheesh, this wedding. So hot and so amazing.

Andrew and Vanessa are wildly fit, crazy-determined, dentists and triathloners (even Iron Man finishers). They're definitely the first couple we've ever photographed who did a triathlon the day after their wedding day. 

We've been excited for their wedding ever since our first meeting with Andrew & Vanessa--we bonded over some beers, fell in love with their vision for their destination Bend wedding, and they sent us home with a whole box of Voodoo donuts! They rocked their Portland engagement shoot and we even got to see a movie with them (How to Train Your Dragon 2--so many feelings). Getting to know a couple before their wedding day makes it that much more exciting, and we're able to do a better job!

Even Portland was finishing a week of pretty solid 100-degree days, so we knew Bend was going to be pretty intense. We got in one day early, scouted out the venue (K & K Garden View Estate)--beautiful, but crazy, crazy hot. That night, we got to literally chill at our beautiful, icy air-conditioned room with Netflix and homemade scones at the Mill Inn Bed & Breakfast where Andrew and Vanessa put us up, and prayed for better weather/survival for Saturday.

Wedding day dawned a teensy bit cooler--maybe 97?--but more importantly, with spotty cloud cover and a little more mugginess and a little less fry-eggs-on-the-sidewalk level blazing sun. HALLELUJAH. Plus, we started our day with the breakfast at the b&b--including, but not limited to: the best Belgian waffles I've ever had. Holy cow.

Gotta get those pearly whites cleaned. Of course these two dentists' smiles are just flawless!

Their dog, Fenway. (Very important). 

Andrew & Vanessa have some pretty fantastic friends. And the whole bridal party toughed out their photos like champs, even in the crazy heat.

I want to write a whole blog post about how much I love how Peter photographs groomsmen. He always gets such a great vibe going, and captures the unique and uncensored craziness of every group of guys. I didn't get to see him in action this time, since I was luxuriantly taking photos of the girls getting ready in their air-conditioned rental house--but I think that resulted in even more genuine guy time. Exhibit A: superman underwear.

In a pinch, an Oregon Dental Association scarf works well as a blindfold for the groom when his bride arrives.

Loved their unique details--bikes were everywhere and they even had personalized wedding favor toothbrushes!

Vanessa's grandma passed away recently, before she could be the second flower girl. They honored her in so many ways on their day--and Andrew's grandmother carried a basket made with the fabric from the dress that she was going to wear.

I love seeing all the fantastic maid-of-honors there are. Monica was such an amazing go-getter, encourager, champagne-popper for the bride!

And Vanessa's other two ladies of the day were her high school friend Jenna and her makeup-and-hair-artist-cousin. Jenna coordinated the day like a pro, and ran things smooth as could be, all while looking like a million bucks and being a ridiculously classy and gracious person. Her fabulous cousin was on it with timing (and doing everyone's? hair), touchups throughout the day, and protecting the bride from being seen. :) It's so awesome to see a bride surrounded with not just hired vendors, but friends who love her and cry through the ceremony. 

First-few-minutes-of-being-married smiles are the best smiles.

Andrew and his sister and Vanessa and her brother were hilarious. Classic sibling noogies and headlocks.

Which of course ended up in messing up the bride's hair. I'd expect nothing less from a brother.

So embarrassing for Fenway.

And the partying started!

I love the toasts, because you get to learn so much about a couple and their people. These toasts were some of the most emotional and hilarious--including the best man's crowd-interaction, complete with door prizes of Sriracha hot sauce (which Andrew notoriously uses in excess). 

See below for the uncle's forceful welcome of Andrew into the family...

Not a dry eye in the house for the killer father-daughter dance. 

The partying was hardcore, despite the heat!

Endless Voodoo Donuts! They spoiled their guests with fantastic food and drinks. Including an ice cream truck! Addy Mac's handcrafted ice cream--so. dang. good. 

The clouds gave us a truly magnificent sunset. Bend never disappoints!

The venue was beautiful, especially with a perfect view of the mountains.

What an intense day! It was challenging and exciting at the same time, and we just loved being able to be a part of such a unique celebration. And boy, were we giddy to go back to our air-conditioned room for showers and a bottle of wine.