Erich & Keely | Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding


Our 4th-of-July wedding! Got a little/lot sunburnt, drank some beer, ate delicious picnic food, and took thousands of photos of a truly hysterical and fantastic group of people. It really was a great way to celebrate Independence Day. What a jackpot to have a job that is about people and their authenticity, stories, and relationships with each other. 

Erich and Keely were just over-the-moon excited to get. married. A beautiful, artfully and uniquely planned day, that was ultimately about people who were crazy-in-love promising to love each other forever. With a bunch of rambunctious, occasionally-shirtless groomsmen and beautiful, supportive, not-too-dainty-not-to-drink-whiskey bridesmaids.

Wind Mountain Ranch in the Columbia Gorge was such perfect place for their wedding! A well-thought-out venue for weddings, with a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the Columbia river.

Keely's thoughtfulness for her bridesmaids' gifts was incredible! Among other fabulous things, she made a photo book for each one, complete with all the weepily-nostalgic, embarrassing high school moments. 

I don't know if I've ever fallen in love with a dress (especially to photograph!) as much as this one. It had so much flow and movement, and looked AMAZING on Keely.

Erich & Keely looked like two-million bucks. Sheesh. We were totally floored all day with the dapperness/drop-dead-gorgeousness, and from self-proclaimed "completely unphotogenic" people. 

Laughter courtesy of Erich trying to honk the horn to scare the bajeebers out of Peter, who was leaning on the hood for the shot. Thankfully, the horn on the old truck did not work.

These guys took their shirts off in most of their off-duty times. Only natural--it was pretty brutal in the heat.

Keely was so excited to GET MARRIED that she forgot her bouquet for the ceremony! The over-flowing happiness included lots of jumping up and down, finger snapping, and tears.

(Gotta have those celebratory whiskey breaks).

Her signature SO HAPPY move.

And we watched fireworks all the way home.