Jason & Alisha | Perfect Rainy Day Wedding


Jason & Alisha got a rarity for their wedding--a drenching-down-pour August day. It started out gray and ominous, and escalated into a full-on sheet of rain, right in time for their first look. Sometimes rain on a wedding day means "not-as-beautiful weather", and sometimes it means "holy cow, this changes the whole plan". This was the latter...a 300-guest, outdoor-ceremony + outdoor-reception wedding. 

But things aren't as exciting without a little bit of drama, right? The rain definitely complicated things, but it was fantastic to see everyone come together to rock the wedding day. We are all about people who are more about their marriage than about the "perfect" day. And it's pretty miraculous how weddings have a way of working out. We fought the rain throughout most of the pre-ceremony photos, which involved regular wedding dress mud-stain removing and hair re-curling. But by the time the ceremony was getting closer, the finicky clouds finally cleared up and we even had sunshine a few times. It turned out to be a rainless, stunning evening (which wasn't hot, for pretty much the first wedding all summer).