Trent & Rebekah | Beazell Memorial Forest Wedding

Rebekah is my soul-sister/bosom-friend, and we had the incredible honor of being a part of her wedding day. I was the matron of honor, and Peter photographed it (with me sneaking some photos when I got the chance). Along with our staying up late + food + cuddling + telling each other everything relationship, she's always put up with my need for a model to photograph the heck out of. Most of my favorite photos I've taken over the years are of her. She's 100% stunning, and her crazy blue eyes are a photographer's dream. 

Beka is so strong, so brave, so hopeful--even when there's every reason not to be. Her courage has been incredible to see. She is gracious, compassionate, an excessive gift-giver.

Plus, she's pretty much the most hilarious person I've ever met (right up there with Peter). She has the gift of making people happy--with her joyful personality, her unquenchable and unreasonable optimism, and her to-die-for cinnamon rolls.

Getting to be by her side through the happiness and gravity that a wedding is was amazing.

Rebekah was the kind of bride who insisted on helping other people with their nail polish. I can't believe how calm and gracious she was, all day.

Letting/seeing a best friend fall in love with someone is scary, beautiful, painful. and satisfying, all jumbled together. This girl is so rare and extraordinary, I always knew it would be tough. Trent loves her tenderly and sacrificially--he respects her cherishes her for who she is. He knows how precious she is, and just loves her like she ought to be loved. 

And this is when my first emotional disaster occurred. A good old Ugly Cry. 

(Her brother John and my sister Johanna got married over five years ago--so we're even  'related'). :)

Our Robert Downey Jr & Zach Galifinakis pose, of course.

I've never seen her so peaceful or sure of anything--she was absolutely breathtaking.

Seeing her flourish with his love is stunning, and I'm so, so thankful for him coming into her life.

They are so at home with each other. (Also they're big-time maker-outers). ;)

The Beazell Memorial Forest in Philomath was absolutely perfect for their wedding. It fit them both exactly, and was made magical with their decorations.

They smashed the cake admirably & rocked the shoe game, and we chicken-danced (I was so pathetically sore the next day!) and Don't-Stop-Believing-danced. Naturally, I sobbed through my toast like a trainwreck.

Congratulations, you two. Outrageous blessings on your already-amazing marriage!