Jake & Libby | Mt. Hood Organic Farms Wedding


Jake and Libby's wedding kicked butt. We've been extra-excited about it from the very beginning--we could tell they were awesome and real and crazy in all the best ways ever since we first met.

This day was just chockfull of fantastic things--each part was so unique and significant to them. They're both skiiers (she even was on the US Ski Team for the Olympics!), and they chose their destination wedding to be in Hood River because of how often they've come to the mountain for skiing. Mt. Hood Organic Farms is an incredible venue--the buildings are beautiful, and the view of the mountain was jaw-dropping. Gold from a skiing award Libby won was made into their unique rings. Lotus flowers were engraved in hers, and mountains on his.

We're all about homie-type, party-it-up bridal parties, and this one did not disappoint--there were even bro-maids (her brothers). Some of groomsmen changed into lederhosen for the reception, which was endlessly hilarious. And shoutout to the bridesmaids for just kicking butt at all the bridesmaiding (being supportive + helpful, applying sunscreen, drinking beer). 

There was even surprise audience participation during their ceremony! Several friends stood up and gave some hilarious advice.

Jake and Libby's wild choreographed first dance was our favorite. They brought down the house and kicked off their crazy reception. Flip cup, boat races, and plenty of accidentally shattered glasses on the dance floor. Just what a good party should be. 

It was the kind of wedding you come home from with with a sunburn and beer in your shoes. So happy we got to be a part of it!