James & Emily | Richland, Washington Wedding

We got to take a roadtrip to the Tri-Cities for James and Emily's beautiful wedding. Happiness, family, sunshine, and rain were abundant. Emily has four sisters (all bridesmaids) and five brothers, and all of them were at her wedding, including their families. The weather was a rollercoaster ride--high noon bright sun, rain and windstorm, and then calm, beautiful sun in the evening again. It all worked out for the wedding day, other than almost getting blown away during their portraits.

It's always such an honor to be a part of a wedding day, and getting to be around for the laughing and the crying and the sibling-bear-hugs. And this wedding was just overflowing with crying babies, laughing, fake fistfights, tear-jerking toasts (I cried), and just an outrageous amount of love and joy. Everything that a wedding should be, and then some.

And we loved getting to visit Richland--it's such a beautiful area, and we got to experience a new donut shop (they were made with potatoes!) and a stunning winery for their rehearsal dinner. 

James and Emily got married in the stunning Richland Community Center, and then walked along the Columbia River to her parents house, where they had the reception in their backyard. Homemade reubens, cupcakes, and plenty. of. wine. Complete with creme brulee torches, skits about James and Emily's love story (performed by siblings), and people paying into a jar (their honeymoon fund) for different married couples to kiss (which they did, very vigorously).