Nicole's Denver Bridal Shower

Earlier this year, we got to fly down to Denver for Megan & Jonathan's wedding, which was an absolute blast, getting to stay with her family and see some of Colorado. We're photographing her sister Nicole's wedding in June, and so they asked me (Susannah) if I'd like to come down and shoot Nicole's shower. 

Nicole's sister Stephanie, a hero of a maid-of-honor, made an amazing Kentucky-Derby-themed shower (the theme was a surprise for Nicole). The amount of work she put into it was incredible, and it was such a blessing to be a part of! This family sure knows how to love each other & throw a party. 

Cupcakes were eaten, hats were worn, and mimosas were drunk from stripy straws in mason jars. Stephanie had come up with a relay-race game where one person had to guide another (whose eyes were closed) around the entire garden path, without actually leading/touching them. A lot of laughter and cheerfully getting scratched by blackberry bushes ensued.

Even though it was the longest I've ever been away from Peter (and we were pretty big babies about it), I had an amazing time with these ladies, and I felt so crazy-blessed to be able to fly down to photograph such a beautiful party. I can't believe what awesome people we get to work with!

And we even got to get manicures, fancy pizza, and ice cream later. Holy cow.