Tim & Ashley | Whidbey Island Wedding

Not to pick favorites, but this wedding was one of the most enjoyable to attend and be a part of. On top of the amazing wildlife, food, and location, the people were kind, funny, and hospitable.

The wildlife was so amazing you could be walking around in the town and see three deer eating grass. They would just look up at you and then continue eating, as if not a care in the world. The bees were also plentiful but we won’t talk about them. Because Whidbey Island is full of life, seafood is in high supply, and good supply at that. I’m not even a big seafood eater but I couldn’t get enough while I was there. Let’s not forget Tim and Ashley’s wedding was on an Island which you can’t beat.

But the biggest reason why this was one of my favorite weddings was because of the people and what they made the wedding into. Both Tim and Ashley are some of the kindest people you could ever meet. When you talk with them you, instantly feel like the most important person in the room. With family and friends literally coming from all over the USA and Canada, it was a toss up how everyone would get along. With this happy bunch, state lines or country borders had little effect to how well everyone enjoyed each other’s company. It goes to show that when two amazing people get married, they tend to attract a bunch of fun-loving people. It was a blessing to watch and a privilege to document.

While I would like to write more, I actually need to go pack for my own honeymoon. I wanted to at least get this awesome couple's photos out before I went off the radar for a bit.