Sarah and Chris Kirby - Hitched!

Recently I have started to gain an interest with the ring shot's. Always trying to push the envelope with different ways to show them off. Still not getting to the caliber I would like, they are still fascinating to me, probably because they remind me of people...and not in the circular dense way.  

Take a newly married couple, much like rings they both have the same concepts, one wears a dress, the other a tux/suit. One ring has a diamond and the other a band. Yet with each couple, and each set of rings I photograph, they always come packed with their own little personalities. How you translate that personality on camera, that's whats difficult.


Growing up I always loved school, being able to do something a little different each day, the excitement of not knowing what comes next, or the feeling of hundreds of questions piling up in my mind. Well in a lot of ways weddings make me feel like it's the first day of school. I am excited but extremely nervous, I don't know what the day might bring, I don't know what events might arise, or what things I will learn. For this wedding I learned I want to show emotion in a ring shot. I have no clue how I will manage that at this point, but those little nervous butterflies in my stomach let me know I'm on the right track.


I like being a little uncomfortable - it helps give me boldness over the things I fear.


Happy Monday


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR