Ken and Keele Hitched!

I’m not very gifted as some when it comes to telling love stories with words. Boy meets girl. They Fall in love. Happily ever after. Well I have the privilege in this case to tell an interesting circumstance.  Ken Van Dyken and Keele Roberts were married at 6:48pm June 16th, 2012. The circumstance in which is so interesting is that I knew Ken and Keele from separate social circles years back.  

First I know Ken from a mutual relationship our churches share. He grew up in Tri-Cities WA, and I grew up in Oregon City, OR. We would often get together at camp hang out, and in some cases I even went to go visit the Tri-Cities area.


Well Keele is from a completely different area and time in my life. When I moved up to Washougal, WA area for school that is where I met Keele. We were more acquaintances then friends, so much so that when she ended up calling me a few months back for engagement pictures I had to think a few to remember who she was :/ then again I am very good with faces and extremely bad with names.


Here is where the whole things became nuts. Keele’s mother decided to do a Google search and came across my name having no prior knowledge to who I am. She ended up calling me and we talked for quite some time, both never coming to the conclusion that I knew the bride and groom. It was not until Keele gave me a ring and TOLD me who she was did the stars align. I remember talking to her in my very “professional voice” and she telling me that she is getting married to Ken Van Dyken…”who!?” I exclaimed. And she just casually stated as if I had already known “Ken Van Dyken, you guys know each other.”


I just paused for a few and then asked, “Wait who is?”


“It’s Keele, Peter…from math class in high school.”


It just goes to show how small the world really is. Technology has a way of connecting us like never before as well. We can share life stories, pictures, and information with others with only a few finger touches. It’s a scary thought, and a very exciting one at that. With my work, no longer do we have to take pictures and get them developed so only a few can see. Now with technology we can share those moments with our friends and family all over the world.


Another amazing thing about this wedding was the fact Keele’s brother in Alaska was unable to make it down, yet with the aid of technology he was Skyped in and was able to see his sister on her wedding day.


Congratulations to you both!


Peter M.


Her brother and his family getting skyped in!

Don't you just love his reaction!

They were married at the Academy Chapel in Vancouver Washington

Nathan and Emily do a short skit of how Ken and Keele met each other.

Everyone loved the skit.

Their reception was at this beautiful place! The Artillery Baracks in Vancouver Washington.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR