Remembering Your Childhood

  Have you ever looked up at the stars and seen a splendor in the twinkle of the night? Raise your head to the heavens and gaze your eyes on the blinking colors that seem to disappear only for a second when you spy on them. Like a child that is mesmerized by the magnificent glitter, as if God had laid a dark blanket over earth and took a pin and poked holes through it to let in little sparkles of heaven.

Have your ever closed your eyes on the beach, letting your ears free to catch the glory of the waves? They crash peacefully yet they thunder with force. Like a child that runs to the serf, unafraid by it’s power, they stop with their feet wet and pause at it’s uproar. It has no set tone like that of a leak in a sink. Drip. Drip. Drip. No, more like a symphony of music, the orchestra of the ocean plays till no end, calming the most distressed in heart.

Have you ever felt the rushing wind through your fingertips as you drive in a car? Reach out your hand like a child for the first time and feel the rushing wind wisp by your palm. The force is so great you almost feel the possibility of grasping for a chunk of wind. But right on the close, it bursts through your fist like little sun-rays dancing out of a tunnel.


Have you ever walked through a forest and smelled the oaks, cedars, pines, waters, and moss as they mix together creating a palate bold enough to taste? The aroma has weight that carries grandeur making the smell almost measurable. Move your feet to a forest as a child gleefully grasps at the dirt with their hands, and their knees fall into the puddles of water. They smell the true freshness because their hands and feet are clothed in it. They come close to the ground and are unafraid of the filth because they are comforted but its familiarity.

Have you ever tasted doughnuts? Like a grown man he sees with his eyes and inspects the measurements to create an accuracy of taste. What is that he hears with his ears? The blending of his measured ingredients, that creates perfect dough. Then the man feels the dough in his hands, he grasps it and forms it into organized portions. After he places the racks of measured dough in the oven he smells the aroma drift up into a palpable taste, which lets him know the doughnuts are ready. He takes a bite. It’s so warm and soft, that upon picking one up, his fingers touch in between the freshly baked doughnut. He brings the sweet caramel doughnut to his mouth yet again and savors the last bite as the buttery sugars dissolve in his mouth. He is not rushed in eating it because he remembers his youth and he appreciates the savor not just the taste.


Stop and look up at the stars. Stop and hear the ocean. Stop and feel the wind. Stop and smell the forest. Or have you forgotten your childhood? Have your forgotten how wonderful our world is? How magnificent and glorious God our creator has formed it. Everything was planed, measured, and given a purpose. Stand in awe like a child, because only in doing that, can we grow up and savor the wonderful gifts of doughnuts.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR