Dan and Cecilea

This wedding was fun and scary to say the least. I got there about two hours early (thats my basic wedding protocol), to scope out the location and see where the best place for photos based on weather that day would be. Well the weather was part of the problem with coulds then sun, clouds then sun, a constant tease. I kid you not, right when the groom showed up for our first set of photos it started to rain...  

However about 10min after, it cleared up and we were able to run outside and snag some shots. The area was not as well shaded as I had first initially thought. But since I had two hours to scope out new areas I found an interesting area of bamboo that was literally right next to the main road. So for most of the shoot Cecilea's grandpa was directing traffic and making sure I did not get hit by a car!



Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR