Recycled Rain

Initially I wanted to get a shot of buckets of rain getting poured out on me. But in order to get the shot I knew I would need help. I did some testing with strobes with the water test, after I poured some water in the first glass I knew I wanted to get creative and for that I too would need more people. I called up some friends and asked if they wanted to help me take some photos. Their first reaction was somewhat reserved, so I told Jason, "You get to throw water at me!" And he said "Okay I will be over in a few minuets."

We did the water test and got creative. At which point it really started to rain outside. That's when we decided to head out and get some pics. We had a canopy which we used to have my camera and one SB 900 with an umbrella under in order to stay dry.

Because I would be getting glasses of water thrown at me we had to do a lot of preliminary testing. Because we really only had a few shots to get it right. The above picture is what two glasses of water looked like. Sad I know.

The best part was that in order to get the camera in focus I needed someone to sit where I would be sitting to get all the setting right on the camera. Oh Jason ;) As you can see he was not too happy about that. After Jason threw 2 cups of water in my face we reviewed the shot. Jason said "Yeah we are going to need more water, it doesn't look cool you have a bucket?"

I simply shivered. Sadly I agreed with him but that meant I was going to get more wet and cold. "Okay I have some big pans and bowls we can use," which we did.

Then we got this shot and I was very disappointed ya not very cool, and I got more wet which I didn't think was possible at that point.


The reason we call it Recycled Rain? For one it's Portland where were crazy about recycling. Not to mention it rains all the time which in it's self is a form of recycling. It all seemed to make sense. But the real kick was when we were on the last "take" for the series. The canopy which all the gear and people were under staying dry, hasd a huge dip in it where it was filling with water. Of course Jason had the bright idea for the last shot...we use that water...which was freezing.


For the sake of the shot I agreed. Boy it was cold, but it got results. I hope you enjoy it, I know we did.



Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR