Jasmine and Serge Engagement

I had this great video all made up that explained more in detail what happened on the shoot. All I can say is that it was like a typhoon on Saturday. We had put to much time before hand that it would be too difficult to cancel. Before we got there it was raining, and as we were drawing to a close we saw huge thunder clouds closing in.  

We had to get creative and we had to do it fast! It was one of the more difficult shoots I have done due to weather. I know it might seem hard to believe but you could hardly hear anyone only 3 feet in front of you the wind was so bad. In addition try and hold a reflector in that kind of wind and make it work...my assistant did a great job!


The weather was so crazy! Not what we planed but everyone made it work!

This is what it was like most of the time. Hair swaying in the wind and Serge with a big smile. I love this one. So un planned.

The very complicated lighting setup...The hardest part was making it not fly away.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR