New People, New Portland, New Java!

It was a brisk winter afternoon, sun was shining bright, my feet were cold, and I was nervous. I always seem to build up a resistance to doing things that I initially want to do, but when it comes time to do it I try and talk myself out of it. Today I was scheduled to meet up with Aaron Courter, a professional wedding photographer based out of Portland. I wanted to meet up with him and ask as many questions as possible, it was even my idea. But when it was the day to actually physically meet him, I was, literally and figuratively, getting cold feet.  

We met in a quaint coffee shop (James John Cafe) located in the upper west side of Portland at 10am. Interestingly enough I have lived in the Portland area for 13 years and never seem to recall venturing out to that part of town. It's funny how you can live somewhere for so long and never experience all the interesting nooks and crannies it might have.


I pull up to the coffee shop and walk in. Almost instantly I see Aaron as he orders a cup of coffee. Black.


Simple. Precise. Kind. These three words come to mind when I think of my first impressions of Aaron. Simple, not as in plain or borring, rather you get what you see, he is Aaron. He does not pretend to be someone else, or try and put on a show to try and get acceptance. He's precise in his mannerisms, moving his hands as he talks clearly and to the point. Kind in the sense that you don't feel threatened when you talk to him, rather you feel like you could ask him any and all questions...which I did.


Well was I glad I went? Yes. It was a great time to talk shop and get his insights in the realm of photography. It's a big world, and everyonce in awhile we need to get out there and walk around, even if it means our feet will get cold.



Peter M.




Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR