Parakram & Maryam | The Benson Hotel Wedding

PM 38.jpg

Parakram & Maryam's wedding day was exactly how they wanted it: relaxed, untraditional, and a good old open-bar party. We spent the morning with them in their hotel room as they got ready, totally chill. Maryam did her own hair, got into her own dress (Susannah even buttoned it up!), ordered her own room service, and they had a no-fanfare, quiet first look together there. It was such a change of pace from our sunny and sweaty and go-go-go weddings--it was just peaceful and calm, even for us! 

They're both attorneys, and such smart & hardworking people know how to party hard. The whole reception was a rager, and we had such a great time being a part of it all!