Mike & Anna | Cascade Locks Marine Park Wedding

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Mike & Anna got married on the beautifully windy Marine Island at Cascade Locks. After their engagement photos that Peter did on his own, I was so excited to meet them and get to photograph them together. Saturday was crazy-hot, so they chose the perfect breezy and water-surrounded spot. Even then it was pretty warm, but hallelujah for the indoor and icy-air-conditioned reception in the pavilion!

Boring weather stuff aside (hey, it's pretty relevant when you're 37 weeks pregnant), this day was seriously an honor to witness. Mike & Anna have a very rare and special relationship, and the way that they are so effortlessly in love, drawn to each other, and perfectly matched is totally obvious. The kind of couple that doesn't need to be posed into kissing each other over and over. :) 

We also got to see our friends Eric & Keely! We've gotten together with these two already since their wedding last year, and they were a hoot to hang out with again. 

And it was our last wedding with the make-brutally-hot-weddings-possible Rebekah! We've loved getting to work with her a few times this summer, and are so thankful for her helpfulness.