Legnica 2009, Poland

- The wait is finally over you guys! I am proud to announce the completion of the book "Legnica 2009, Poland." It has been a very long year, and lots of hours put into it to see the finished product. Because I want everyone to have one, I will give you a few discounts, but they are only good till the end of this month (November), so make sure to take advantage of them now. Also note that there is three different books you can get with two different types of paper (Basic and Premium). I personally would go with the Premium paper, it is %33 heavier, and will defiantly last longer. Then you can choose between soft cover, hard cover dust jacket, and hard cover image wrap. The choice is yours, I don't think you will be disappointed either way you go. There is nothing really else I can add, just buy your copy today :)

Oh actually dont forget about the Poland T-Shirts designed by Miwaza at tshirt farm you can get one by going to this link

You can use these promo code to help with the price. You can only use one, so figure out which one would save you the most and try that

PROMO - %20 off
FREEPAPER - Free premium paper
WESHIP - free shipping

GREATGIFT - $10 off (this one might be expired but you can still try it)

To get your copy of the book, or the T-Shirt, you can visit the Legnica 2009 button on the top of the page. Or click here.


Peter M.

Dont forget about the Shirts

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