Bible Reading and new page for Poland book

Hey everyone, Lots of different things have been happening lately and it's very exciting to be caught right in the middle of the whole thing. First off, I know some programmers from Japan (DuoPlus!) that have just created a new app called Bible Reading. Below is a video that explains a little more about it. Hope you guys check it out and start using it. Its fast, easy, fun, oh and its FREE!

The second thing has to do with the new book I just published called Legnica, Poland! Its due to be realized for purchase very soon. You can however check out the page which has custom made T-Shirts by T-shirt farm. Those are available right now! Visit the page to stay up to date for when it is released and what is going on with it. You can visit the Legnica 2009 page by clicking here.

Thanks for all your support,

Love you all!

Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR