Laugh Out Loud


I could write trying to explain to you how amazing our God is, yet I would not come close to describing His splendor.  This is the God we worship, how awesome is this! I have started reading a book by Francis Chan called “Crazy Love” and he says in his book “If my mind is the size of a soda can and God is the size of all the oceans, it would be stupid for me to say He is only the small amount of water I can scoop into my little can.” I think we as Christians forget how big our God is, and tend to think we are bigger then we really are. If we do think this way, then when troubles do come our way we should be scared because we are the size of soda cans. We are but dust; we are numbered as dust, little specs of stars in the sky. But with God why fear anything, for He created the oceans, stars, animals, and makes sure to feed even the small birds of the air.

It started on a Bus. A Bolt bus that by many observers is seen as a low-grade way to travel. While it is dirt cheap for tickets, the ride is far from a cheap experience. Full leather seats, free Wi-Fi, individual plug in’s, and a non-stop trip to Seattle, equals pleasurable experience. And lets not forget about the emergency bathroom ;)

Shortly after arriving I met up with some old Friends Jon and Nancy Spears and went to the photoshoot with an adorable couple. We decided to do them in George Town, which to my recollection I have never been before. When we first drove up everything was in bright sun, and as a photographer I was semi freaking out thinking “um this might not work, the sun is too harsh and there are too many cars in the way to make it look good.” Then we turn a corner and are almost transported to an old European town with great brick, old run down buildings, strings of lights, interesting trucks, etc. I yelled out “this is the spot, stop the car!”

She is tickling me here... apparently I look like that when I am tickled.

Vuti and Naomi were more then adorable to shoot, with his classic expressions and her thick Australian accent it was an experience to remember.

While both their cultures are very far apart, they still seem to find a commonality and work splendid together.  Just another great example of how great our God is, that he is able to bring us together through Him!

Tons of sushi was consumed that night, great stories shared, and Sprite was poured all over my lap which made me walk back to the apartment as if I just wet myself. Yes shared moments are the best!

My very first ferry ride in Seattle, which was as great as I had hoped!

So great I got a work out in.

The one and only John and Nancy!



This is me getting excited about the plane ride!

Jesse, the guy flying the plane, is checking everything out before hand. I explained to Nancy that he is doing that in order that we don't die in the air.

When we landed in Orcas Island we found a farmers market going on

So much for dieting

On the way back John and Nancy got a stab at flying

Nancy was amazing, you can't tell by this, but she has a huge fear of flying, yet she over came them, boarded a small aircraft with three men that like to play jokes on other helpless people, and actually flew the plane! Talk about conquering fears! Great job Nancy!

Anyway plane rides really are amazing. When you’re that high up, you get a better sense of how small we are. How insignificant our “huge” buildings are. Beautiful islands, colorful water, and perfectly sculpted mountains paint a landscape that is truly a miracle. If we live in a miraculous word, why do we always seem to forget about it? I know I do. I tend to go go go, and never really stop and “smell the roses.” While we did a lot on Saturday morning it was kind of like doing nothing and just observing Gods creation and seeing who he is. We were sitting outside for lunch with little conversation because we were all mesmerized by the wonderful weather, boats casually floating in the bay, the slow speed of the islanders, and the two deer off to the side, helping themselves to the leaves. All amazing yet all missed sometimes.

Then it was back to Seattle for another shoot, this time a baby shoot. Another amazing thing, babies. They start off so small in the womb, grow into tiny cute bundles of poopy butts, and crying nights. All to grow up more and actually cause a change in the world in one form or another.

I have a theory on life, I am no theologian, nor am I that smart (you probably gathered that by my writing), but my theory is this. I’d rather laugh. When times are tough, awkward, frustrating, or they don’t make sense I try and picture myself in third person. If someone else were looking in on my life would my trails and tribulations really be that bad in comparison to Jesus who suffered all yet didn’t deserve it? Yet here lies Peter, deserving of death, yet redeemed by his maker, thinking his life sucks…it’s funny…in a sad pathetic kind of way.

Laugh in the face of danger, in the face of fear. Where do you find your peace? Because if it’s not in Jesus then you will never be able to laugh like me, with no holding back, and no compromising. In the face of dragons you can find peace, because Jesus is on your side, the great mediator with us and God. He sits on the right hand holding us in His arms, so no matter the circumstance, you may have peace with where you are. I am not saying the storms won’t come; I am not saying the trees will come crashing down. I am saying, because our house is planted on a rock, when the storms do come (because they will), we have a contractor that built our house to withstand anything.



Jesus is not “my God”, He is THE God. He is not something I can choose to love. I am capable of love because he first loved us. He is who He is. Just as he tells Moses “I am who I am.” He is there whither you like it or not, you don’t get to choose which parts of Him you like and which parts you could do with out. He is everything and everything is His.



Bless the Lord oh my soul and Bless His Holy Name


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR